Waterjet Garnet Recycling And Removing For Any Brand Water Jet Cutting Machine

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Auto desanding system
Solves the problem of sand removal in waterjet equipment. 
High efficiently removes sand automatically.

This product is a new type of sand removal equipment independently developed by Shandong Womai CNC Technology Co., Ltd. Simple operation, high sand removal efficiency and almost no maintenance. The birth of the WAMI Auto desanding system for water jet cutting machinery solved the problem of clearing waste sand for water jet users all over the world.

Make tank full time: 40-45 minutes
size: 3.172CBM
Weight: 550KG
Capacity: 460L

Features of WAMI water jet cutting machinery auto desanding system:

A: Does not affect the normal cutting of water jet cutting machinery. The sand removing device can perform sand removing work while the water jet machine is working. The equipment has improved the traditional sand removal operation (the machine must be shut down, the water and sand of the tank are cleaned out and the water is filled again), which has gained valuable time for normal work. B: Simple operation, complete sand removal and fast sand removal. It takes only 5 steps to complete the sand removal work: 1. The equipment is in position → 2. the air source is switched → 3. The sand suction head is placed in the water tank → 4, open the air source switch to remove sand → 5, the sand chamber is full of shutdown and dump the waste sand. Sand removal rate of the equipment More than 90%. C: Large capacity. The device has a diameter of 630 (720) mm, a height of 2.1 M, and a sand removal of up to 460 (610) L. For example, a water tank of 2 m * 3 m can be used continuously after removing 3-4 cans at a time. D: Thick steel plate, perfect hydraulic system. The equipment tank is made of 8mm thick steel plate, and an advanced water sand separation system is integrated inside the tank. Base is 20mm thick steel plate for durability. The switch base uses a manual hydraulic system and is equipped with safety bolts to make the base switch and seal become simple, safe and convenient. E: Powerful and stable. The equipment uses an advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump to generate a constant flow of high-pressure water under the drive of high-pressure gas. Sand removal provides powerful power. F: energy saving. The entire sand removal process of the equipment does not lose water in the water tank and does not cause waste of water resources. G: Mobile flexibility. The device is equipped with a ear holder for forklift fork picking, which is convenient to move, and one sand removing device can be used for multiple water jets.
Production Process

Heat treatment

620 degrees in the furnace for 5 hours, down to 300 degrees for 3 hours, then naturally cooled in the furnace.eliminate internal stress in the welded frame.no deformation occurs during frame use,guarantee better cutting precision.

Shot blasting and powder coating

Remove impurities such as surface oxide scale to improve appearance quality.it can improve the fatigue fracture resistance of materials, prevent fatigue failure, plastic deformation and brittle fracture, and improve fatigue life.


Test the straightness and parallelism of linear guide rail with precision measuring instruments.

Guaranteed higher precision when the equipment is running after the linear guide rail is installed.


Calibrating equipment precision with a laser interferometer.guaranteed more accurate cutting precision.

About company

Shandong WAMI CNC Technology Co.,Ltd.
Shandong WAMIT CNC Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of water jet cutting machine. We are specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services of ultra high pressure water jet cutting systems and relative parts. Our water jet cutting machine is widely used in stone industry, glass industry, metal industry, composite materials(plastic, rubber, acrylic, foam), food industry and so on.
The company's products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia and so on, and gradually establish a relationship from high quality, high quality, high service to trust.

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