5 axis water jet cutting machine

we have two kinds of 5 axis water jet cutting machine, one is AB 5 axis with 10 degree angle, the other is AC 5 axis with 60 degree angle.

Water jet cutting machine is an efficient, economical, and practical equipment, most water jet cutting machine is with intensifier pump, but our water jet cutting machine is with high pressure direct crankshaft pump, the maximum pressure can be up to 420MPA and up to 90% efficiency, superior performance, beautiful appearance, high reliability, as the incidence of water source has been used in metal processing industry, stone processing, glass processing, advertising signs, gifts and art which is widely used in institutions and other enterprises. Among them, the portable water cutting system auxiliary equipment can achieve different objects cutting through the high pressure hose with the system host. The portable water jet cutting machine can be freely used, compact and beautiful, simple operation, easy to control. To adapt the working environment to maximize the fuselage in order to achieve different objects cutting through different chains connections. Can cut and destroy the pipes, plane-like object, suspected hazardous materials. Waterjet cutting capacity is unlimited, water jet can cut any material, and maintain smooth incision, no heat and harmful substances cutting, after cutting, no need or ease for secondary processing, safe, environmental protection, low cost, fast speed, high efficiency, without changing the tool, enabling arbitrary curve cutting, convenient and flexible, and versatile. Water jet cutting, has a good reputation in various industries! Materials commonly cut with a water jet include rubber, foam, plastics, leather, composites, stone, tile, metals, food, paper and much more. Materials that cannot be cut with a water jet are tempered glass, diamonds and certain ceramicsIt can cut shaped graphics, graphic work irregular figure, geometry, graphs, non-standard cutting; ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic, copper / aluminum / stainless steel / iron hollow carved, glass arts, mold cutting, cutting a variety of text, letters, advertisements plate engraving, signs and other cutting; engraving on a variety of different materials, patterns, letters and so on.